Brian Richmond - Guiding Data Analytics at Aura Health

Brian Richmond - Focused on Next-Generation Data Infrastructure

An established presence in the data analytics and machine learning sphere, Brian Richmond contributes to Aura Health as senior data scientist for product intelligence. In this role, Brian Richmond focuses on strategies for improving efficiency and ensuring that products are optimally positioned. At present, he is working to improve the Aura Health app, which enables people to access life coaching, guided meditations, and stories designed to reduce stress and anxiety, and improve well-being. Richmond’s health and wellness-focused data science activities extend to experimental design and data visualization.

Richmond previously worked with WeWork in New York as a senior data scientist. His position centered on building a People Analytics team and involved the monitoring of company culture in order to boost efficiency, engagement, and effectiveness. In 2018, he earned an Excellence Award, a recognition received by only about 20 people within a company spanning over 4,000 employees. Having coordinated the New York Strategic HR Analytics Meetup, Brian Richmond has since helped organize a similar group in the San Francisco Bay Area.